Welcome to DE-CIX Hamburg!

DE-CIX Hamburg in Hamburg is an Internet Exchange that offers direct and settlement-free IP interconnection ("peering") to other IP networks which operate a Point-of-Presence in the city of Hamburg. DE-CIX Hamburg was founded by Hamburg based ISP n@work in 2002. Since August 2007 DE-CIX Hamburg is owned and operated by DE-CIX Management GmbH based in Frankfurt.

DE-CIX already operates one of the world’s largest Internet Exchanges in Frankfurt plus a smaller regional IX in Munich. The company serves over 300 Internet providers from 40 countries. This includes all leading players in the industry including Google, Yahoo, Sprint, AT&T, Level3 and many others.

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and along with its port, also the second-largest port in Europe . The city contains an approximate 1.8 million Hamburgers, the demonym for the city's inhabitants.

The media and Internet business is a vital part of Hamburgs economy. About half of Germany's national newspapers and magazines are produced in Hamburg. There are also a number of music companies and Internet businesses in the city.

DE-CIX is proud to be part of the process to further improve the telecommunication infrastructure not only for Hamburg but for the whole region and the neighboring countries by operating the DE-CIX Hamburg state of the art Internet Exchange right in the heart of the city.

Contact sales@de-cix.net for more information.